Admission Procedure

Admission to Medical Universities in China for 2017 session is currently going on. The students who have booked their seats are now getting their confirmed Admission Letter from the respective Universities.….so hurry up and don’t miss the year .

In order to plan their admission in time the following stepwise Admission Procedure is suggested:

1st step :

DEDICATED and aspiring students interested in taking admission to Graduate course in Medicine (MBBS) in the different Medical Universities in China may visit the office of MEDI-JAG EDUCATION CONSULTANCY PVT LTD located in NEW DELHI or CALL OUR 24*7 AVAILABLE CONSULTANTS FOR VIDEO COUNSELLING ON WATSAPP OR FACETIME and take advice from our CONSULTANTS regarding all details of studying MBBS in China.

2nd step :

After complete satisfaction on the merits and demerits of studying MBBS in China, the students will fill the application form provided by us with all their details and payment of the Booking Money, as mentioned in the emails send by us, enclosing all the specified documents / certificates and photographs. Admission can be done without passport but the student should apply for the passport AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In some Universities Admission can not be done without Passport.

3rd step:

After recieving the reciept of Application Form (duly filled up) along with all the enclosures, a preliminary counselling will be conducted by a Senior  consultant of MEDI-JAG EDUCATION to decide the credentials / eligibility of the student for admission to the MBBS course.

4th step :

After the counseling session, the student are provided with the following forms to fill in and submit the same to our consultant via email.

5h step :

As soon as the passport is ready, a scanned copy of the passport along with the original one is to be sent to us. After getting the photocopy the University will issue the confirmation letter of admission of the respective candidate along with a form termed as "JW202" which is required for the visa. Visa will be done by us and simultaneously a confirmed air ticket will be booked us on behalf of the student. The student will do all the necessary Physical check up and tests required for Visa at his own cost.(WE WILL PROVIDE DETAILED ASSISTANCE AND GUIDANCE ON WHERE TO GO FOR THESE TESTS)

6TH step :

After obtaining the visa the tentative scheduled date of departure will be informed to the students 10 days before the departure date.
Air Tickets copy will be send to the Students well in advance and we will ask them to get prepared with his packing. THEREAFTER WE WILL TAKE PROPER CARE OF OUR STUDENTS.

MBBS Consultants China. (only for Indian Students) +919818011197